4 Qualities of a Good Leader

Being a good leader is not easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to groom yourself into becoming a capable and efficient leader. However, there are a few specific qualities that you can focus on to improve your leadership skills. Here are 4 that you should pay attention to:

1. Empathetic and Understanding

When it comes to leading people, the key to success is understanding them. The ability to put yourself in the shoes of others and see things from their perspective is vital for a leader. It allows you to make better decisions and build stronger connections with people.

The two basic methods of understanding people lies in Observation and Communication. Watch how people work and analyse their reactions. This helps you identify their way of thinking and also their combinations of strengths and weaknesses. Besides observing them, it is also important to talk to people. Get to know their backgrounds and ask for their opinions on the decisions that you make. This builds trust between you and your teammates.

2. Exemplary

The classic idea of Leading By Example is very effective. An article written by Jack and Suzy Welch in Likedin contextually notes that bosses who walk their talk are more liked by their employees. This is because these leaders do not separate themselves from the standards they set on the people who work for them.

So if you believe in qualities such as punctuality and discipline, then you must first be someone who is punctual and disciplined. When people see that you don’t embody the principles you talk about, they will find it hard to trust you.

3. Positive Enforcement

We are very accustomed to the act of being punished for our mistakes but how often are we praised for the good qualities that we practice?

Sport coaches are very keen on this. They emphasize the positive actions of their teams more than the negative ones. This creates an environment where individual team members are motivated to do better and other team members are given clear examples of how to improve. A culture of teamwork is also created as better team members are also encouraged to help their teammates.

4. Straightforward and Focused

As a leader, you must hold both the compass and the map. You must act as the guide for your team and constantly remind them of the destination.

In other words, you must make it clear to your team how you will reach your goal while also consistently reminding them of what the goal is and why you are striving for it. This is extremely important because people become confused when they don’t fully understand what they’re working for. This confusion leads to a decrease in efficiency and productivity. So always try your best to keep your team informed and remind them of the objective when they feel lost.


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