How to Improve Your English

A lot of Malaysian and international employers prioritise the ability to work and communicate in English. Therefore, it is extremely important for Malaysian graduates to have a firm grasp of the language if they wish to succeed in building a prosperous career. Here are a few tips on how you can improve your English.

First things first, keep in mind that we all learn at different speeds so don’t be too eager to compare yourselves to others. Do your best but keep it relevant to your abilities.

1. Make English a part of your everyday life.

Try speaking English everyday, even if it’s just simple sentences. Aside from speaking, there are tons of things you can do such as watching movies, listening to songs, reading books and many others.

The point is that it can be anything you’re comfortable with as long as it is done in proper English. Even the subtitles for most Korean dramas and anime shows have correct grammar and good vocabulary.

2. Learn new words as often as possible.

To expand your vocabulary, I recommend watching documentaries and reading books/newspapers. If you find new words in movies or songs, take note of them and Google for their meanings.

If you’re not a fan of reading, you can always start by finding reading materials you’re interested in. If you’re into gaming, buy gaming magazines!

3. Practice your listening skills.

Some people do this by watching English movies without subtitles. Some people do the opposite. Both works so use whichever method suits you. Listening to songs and understanding the lyrics word by word is also very helpful.

4. Read about what you might write.

Improving your writing skill is dependent upon what you want to write. If you’re going to write technical essays, read more technical essays. The more familiar you are with how they are written, the more you know on what needs to be improved.

Last but not least…


In the end, speaking English is the best way to improve it. So find people who want to speak English and learn together.


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