How to Speak Slowly

Speaking slowly is an essential skill for a good communicator. It allows people to understand us easier and gives us time to check the body language of those listening to us speak. Here are a few tips on how to speak slowly:

1. Practice every day.

In all of your conversations, try your best to pace yourself and slow down. If you ever feel like you’re getting worked up and you start speaking quickly or in a rushed manner, just:

  1. Pause / Stop
  2. Breathe
  3. Resume your sentence but slow down

2. Learn from other speakers.

I recommend watching TED Talks which are available all over YouTube. Here’s one of my favourites:

You can also watch speeches by famous orators such Barack Obama and JFK.

3. Pay attention to people’s reactions.

More often than not, people won’t tell you that you’re talking fast but their body language can make it very obvious. Pay attention to their expressions and their responses. Are they fully understanding what you said? Do they appear confuse as you’re talking?

Pay attention to these things and you’ll know where and when to slow down.


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