How to Build Confidence in Speaking

1. Always practice!

The key to being a good speaker is to practice. The more you speak, the easier it will be for you to identify what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Practice with friends, family, pets or even in front of a camera. If you’re comfortable with practicing in front of mirror, do that! The important thing is to actually SPEAK rather than just IMAGINING your speech.

Furthermore, you can ask for feedback and criticism.

2. Accept that nervousness is normal

Everyone gets nervous. It’s perfectly normal. You just have to learn to keep it under control and use that nervousness positively.

If you feel overwhelmed during a speech or presentation, just pause and take a deep breath. Then continue as usual.

Perspective is important so view your nervousness this way: You are nervous because you care about the quality of your speaking skills.

3. Be prepared!

If you’re doing a presentation, check the slides, the content, potential questions and everything else that will be showcased in your presentation. When you’re prepared, you’ll feel a lot more confident because you know what you’re doing.

4. Don’t put yourself down!

It’s okay to compare yourself to other people but never demotivate yourself.

Never look at someone and think: “I will never be that good…

Instead, think: “I will take what’s good from them and learn from the bad!

We all have our own speaking styles so just mix and match the good aspects we see in other people and learn from their mistakes. Remember, the only person stopping you from being the best speaker you can be is yourself.

5. Don’t overthink!

If you take too long thinking about whether you should or shouldn’t, you might miss the chance to become a better speaker.

So don’t overthink and just do it!


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