4 Things You Should Do Before An Interview

1. Be prepared!

Make sure you know the exact location and time of the interview. Being late will basically guarantee failing the interview. Don’t forget to prepare the appropriate clothing.

Research the background of the company. Know their visions, missions and objectives. Find out who the important people are, including their clients. Contact the people you know who are working or have worked in that company so that you can ask questions.

2. Practice

If you haven’t been interviewed in a while or never been interviewed before, do a simulation to practice.

Get people you trust to be panelists and ask you questions. You can either prepare the questions yourself or let the panelists decide on the questions if you’re confident enough. Do it for the sake of losing the nervousness by getting used to the environment of an interview.

Ask for feedback. Improve what you can.

3. Research your resume

Interviewers can and usually will use your resume to ask questions so make sure you’re prepared.

Look at each point under each section of your resume and prepare explanations for each one. For example, practice on how you can explain about what you studied in your diploma/degree course. Besides that, you should know how to explain the lessons you’ve learned from past working experiences.

4. Read up on more tips like the ones in this list!

The Internet is full of useful information so use it to your advantage. There are lots of other websites that have more comprehensive lists that might even cater to the specific field/job you’re interviewing for.

Google is your best friend.


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