Dalam Meeting Diam, Luar Meeting Bising?

This is an attitude that I’ve seen and heard that a lot of Malaysians have. Here are a few steps on how to avoid having this kind of attitude:

1. Be prepared!

If it’s a scheduled meeting, you should read up on the issue that will be discussed. This will help you identify potential questions you might need to ask. It will also help you understand things better without being left behind during the meeting.

2. Bring a pen and paper

Write important points down so that you can easily read through your notes to refresh your memory on what the meeting was about. It will also help you if you need to ask questions later.

3. Focus!

Give your full attention during the meeting. Put down your phone (and put it on silent) and avoid having quiet conversations while people are presenting. People often “bising luar meeting” because they weren’t focused.

4. Ask!

If you don’t understand something, ask!

If you’re not sure if your question is relevant or not, ask them to explain the point again.

Hesitant to ask because you’re new? Find someone you can trust, preferably someone experienced, and ask them after the meeting.


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